Transplant services in Southern California

The Comprehensive Transplant Center at Riverside Community Hospital has been performing lifesaving organ transplants in the Inland Empire since 1996. Our transplant team performs kidney, pancreas, liver transplants and living donor transplants. We are the only transplant center in Riverside County.

We are committed to providing high-quality, comprehensive care for our patients undergoing an organ transplant. You are never alone, and our doctors are by your side throughout the transplant journey to help you return to daily life after surgery.

To learn more about our transplant programs or find out if you may qualify for a transplant, you can call the Comprehensive Transplant Center at (951) 786-5550.

Riverside Community Hospital Comprehensive Transplant Center

Our transplant program at Riverside Community Hospital

At the Comprehensive Transplant Center, we offer more than just kidney, pancreas and liver transplants. Our facility provides a variety of programs and benefits for patients, including:

  • Complex gastrointestinal (GI) procedures to facilitate transplant success
  • Immunology desensitization program to help build up the immune system's response to certain allergens
  • Living kidney donor program for patients with a living donor willing to give one of their two healthy kidneys
  • Personalized care teams ensuring every patient remains informed and safe throughout the transplant journey
  • Transplant clinical trials offering innovative solutions for patients who may qualify
  • Transplant social and nutritional support to facilitate emotional and physical well-being during the transplant journey

Our experienced, knowledgeable transplant team

The transplant team at our hospital is made up of healthcare professionals with extensive experience in facilitating and performing kidney, pancreas and liver transplants. We focus on providing high-quality patient care and positive outcomes in a compassionate environment that helps patients achieve a longer, healthier life.

Our team guides each patient through their transplant journey, from managing kidney, pancreas and/or liver failure to obtaining a new organ for transplant. Our transplant doctors help patients navigate medical evaluations, organ waitlists, medical care while waiting on a transplant and post-transplant recovery. Additionally, our support team is available to help with financial questions, emotional support, obtaining prescriptions, navigating insurance coverage and maintaining proper nutrition during the transplant journey.

The team of transplant specialists at our hospital includes:

  • Dietitians
  • Financial assistance coordinators
  • Healthcare administrators
  • Highly skilled physicians and transplant surgeons
  • Nurse coordinators
  • Pharmacists
  • Social workers

Transplant Services

In 2020, the Comprehensive Transplant Center at Riverside Community Hospital earned recognition from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)—an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services—for our efforts in educating our surrounding communities about organ donation.

Learn more about our nationally-recognized surgeons

Patients participating in our transplant program are cared for by physicians involved in progressing the quality of care available to patients. Our transplant doctors have been acknowledged with various accolades, awards and achievements, including:

  • Involvement in genomic (DNA-sequence analysis) and proteomic (protein identification) studies
  • Leadership awards in transplant services
  • Leadership roles in numerous surgical societies
  • Members of national and international panel discussions on transplants
  • Named as board members of various transplant foundations
  • National Institute of Health (NIH) awards for clinical research
  • Participation in more than 50 clinical research trials
  • Presentations at more than 100 guest lectures nationally and internationally
  • Published work in peer-reviewed journals

Living donors save lives

A living donor is a person who willingly offers to donate a functioning organ.

Prior to moving forward as a living donor, the prospective donor must undergo a variety of tests to ensure their body is healthy enough to recover and function properly after organ donation. If you or a loved one who may be willing to donate, our team will help assess the donor and walk them through the process.

Interested in becoming a living kidney donor?

Please watch this four-video series to learn more about kidney donation, including requirements for living donors and details about paired exchanges.

Find out if you can be a donor

Multi-organ transplant program

Our multi-organ transplant program is dedicated to helping patients with end-stage organ disease. We specialize in performing deceased donor kidney, pancreas and liver transplants and living-donor kidney transplants.

Patients who choose the Comprehensive Transplant Center for their kidney transplant may benefit from:

  • A dedicated living donor team to assist you and your potential donor to facilitate a transplant so it can happen faster.
  • Collaboration with your dialysis center and referring physician throughout the transplant process.
  • Access to a high-acuity comprehensive transplant center in the Inland Empire
  • Dedicated nurses to ensure patients are involved and aware of their care journey

Transplant process

How to get started with a transplant

Many of our patients are referred to our transplant program by a nephrologist or dialysis center. For patients who are not referred by a physician, we have a transplant application that can be filled out. Our team will review the application and identify if we can move forward with the transplant process.

Once a referral is made, our team will verify insurance coverage and then contact the patient to begin the clinical work-up process.

Being evaluated for transplant

Our transplant coordinator will set up all tests and evaluations before surgery. For patients traveling to Riverside, California, from out of town for surgery, our transplant coordinator is also available to help find hotel accommodations.

After all tests and evaluations are complete, the results will be reviewed by the transplant surgeon and the rest of the surgical team. Together, the team will decide if a transplant is the best treatment option for each individual patient.

Preparing for transplant

As patients move toward approval for transplant surgery, they may be asked to address certain personal health concerns before our team will consider them for a transplant. For some patients, this may involve losing weight or quitting smoking to ensure a safe, successful transplant.

Financing a transplant

Our transplant team includes a financial coordinator offering expertise on insurance issues and helping patients find ways to afford transplant and related tests and medications. They can assist with evaluating current insurance plans to see if all costs associated with a transplant are covered by the provider.

If a patient does not have insurance, our financial coordinators are here to help find an appropriate payment plan.