Volunteers are people like you

As a volunteer, you enjoy the opportunity and personal satisfaction of serving as an integral member of the health care team at Riverside Community Hospital.

Volunteers are people like You! Homemakers, career-oriented, college students, community members and retired professionals of all ages. Due COVID-19, volunteers must be 18 years and older and show proof of vaccination (including booster.)

There is a wide variety of areas where RCH volunteers augment the quality of health care our hospital provides. Among the services provided by volunteers are: Discharge patients, clerical work, lobby host, Baby Bump Brunch, book cart, patient care unit, information desk, messenger service and patient visitor.

Volunteer testimonials

“I volunteer to give back to the community and to make a different in patient’s lives.  I love knowing I’m doing something productive with my time and I’ve made some great friends here with other volunteers.”

  • Lynda H., RCH volunteer for 5 years

“I retired and wasn’t really ready for it. I wanted to get up, get out and interact with people again. The other volunteers and staff here make me feel valuable and like I am making a difference. I enjoying working in the hospital gift shop because the money that comes in here goes right back in to the community; a circle of giving.”

  • Rosalie S., RCH volunteer for 1 year

“I like to volunteer in the Auxiliary Gift Corner because I get to meet so many staff and visitors. Sometimes visitors are waiting a while to see their family or friends and they need someone to talk to; that is what we are here for. We are good listeners. I also love that the Auxiliary funds raised her help others in our community.”

  • Ann R., RCH volunteer for 9.5 years

“I’ve been volunteering as the Emergency Room greeter for 4 months now and enjoy helping in this position. Many time visitors come to the ER and they are bewildered and flustered. I like being the friendly face that helps them calm down and take them to their loved one. The other volunteers here are great and I have enjoyed working with the staff as well. The security guards here are great to work with, too!”

  • Marina C., RCH volunteer for 4 months

Volunteer amenities

RCH values our volunteers. Each one of our volunteers play an important role in helping achieve our vision of providing quality, compassionate care to our patients. In addition to celebrating National Volunteer Appreciation Week every April, RCH offers the following “perks” to our volunteers:

  • Free lunch in the cafeteria, daily
  • Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon
  • Annual Volunteer Holiday Breakfast

We are not seeking new volunteers at this time as our program is full. However, you can fill out an application and we will keep it on file. When we have a spot open up, we will contact you. If you have a date where your volunteer availability would end, please indicate that on your application.

Please download and fill out the Volunteer Application and email it.