Centralized Credentialing

Providing quality, patient-centered care is our mission at Riverside Community Hospital. That’s why it’s important that we partner with physicians and other medical professionals (Providers) who have the necessary qualifications and credentials to provide quality, safe and compassionate medical care to our community.

Credentialing and Privileging

Our rigorous credentialing process follows Federal and State regulatory requirements, as well as accreditation standards for verifying the education, training, licensure and current competence in order to ensure that privileges are only granted to qualified Providers.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding physician credentialing, please contact our Medical Staff Office.

Credentialing Portal

Physician & Provider Relations

Jayme Hardyman
Director, Medical Staff
(951) 788-3380
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Will Thornewell
Director, Physician & Provider Relations
(951) 990-9103
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Brittany Reyes
Director, Physician & Provider Relations
(951) 532-2330
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Amy Clemens
Director, Physician & Provider Relations
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Shaun Kinsey
Director, Physician & Provider Relations
(951) 966-1828
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