It is our goal to ensure a smooth transition when patients are being discharged from the hospital. We begin planning for your discharge upon admission and we will be talking with you about the process throughout your hospital stay. Patient discharge time is 11:00am every day and is directed by your physician's written order.

The following are key points to understand about preparing for discharge and how you can help us accomplish your discharge in a timely manner:

  • Your physician will determine when you can be discharged and he/she will write an order.
  • The physicians and team caring for you will work with you and your family/support system (as you choose) to determine the care you will need after you leave our hospital and what resources are available to meet these needs. The team can include the nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, respiratory care practitioner, dietitian, social worker, pharmacist, case manager, and other departments such as lab and radiology that may need to be involved to prepare you for discharge.
  • A nurse case manager is available to assist with arranging services and addressing other concerns you may have for your discharge. They will also be in communication with your insurance company to keep them informed of the care you receive while hospitalized and what services you will need after discharge.
  • Please plan in advance for your transportation at discharge. When you are discharged, transportation arrangements should already be in place. Often individuals providing transportation for patients at discharge will request a time of their convenience. Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to honor this request because other patients are waiting for a bed and care on the unit.
  • In the event there is delay in available transportation, you may be cared for in our Discharge Lounge which is located in another area of the hospital where you will receive services until your transportation arrives. If you anticipate a delay with transportation, please notify your nurse or case manager as soon as possible.

It has been our privilege taking care of you and we hope that you will depend on Riverside Community Hospital for any future health care needs.