Our Commitment to Quality and Patient Safety

At Riverside Community Hospital (RCH), our staff of over 1,900 employees and 500 physicians is committed to ensuring comprehensive, safe, and quality health care to everyone we serve. For over 110 years, RCH has been committed to our journey towards "excellence" by striving to improve patient satisfaction and the safety and care of our patients. That is why our staff is focused on not only meeting, but exceeding every patient's expectation.

While few people "enjoy" being in a hospital, our goal is to ensure that you have an exceptional hospital experience and trust that you or your family member are in good hands. Our staff is dedicated to providing you and your family with the best care during your stay. We understand that when choosing a hospital, the most important issue to you is the quality and safe care that you and your family will receive.

At RCH, we take our commitment to patient safety seriously. This is a top priority, and it is at the forefront of our patient safety initiatives. RCH has a number of committees and staff that are dedicated to finding ways we can improve our systems and the safety of our patients.

These initiatives are making a real difference – they have reduced healthcare-associated infections, avoidable hospital readmissions and improved surgical outcomes.

  • Leadership Rounding: Improvement requires support from all levels of an organization. That is why our unit safety rounds are overseen at multiple levels by our staff managers and directors, all the way to our hospital executives. Regular safety rounds are carried out to ensure patient improvements and patient safety. Executive-level support can also be offered when needed.
  • Patient Quality and Safety Committee: RCH sets annual goals for safety initiatives and our Patient Quality and Safety Committee meets regularly to monitor progress towards these goals. In addition, we work to communicate, educate and train our health care professionals on new safety policies and procedures.
  • Involve Patients and Their Families: Communication between patients, their families and our staff is strongly encouraged, and vital to ensure that we are meeting the patient's needs. Upon admission, patients receive a journal that invites them to take an active role in safety by logging any questions or concerns that they may have for their caregiver.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient feedback is a crucial component to the improvement of patient care. Measuring patient satisfaction is important, as it gives us insight to the areas that need improvement. One of the ways we measure patient satisfaction is through the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Survey (HCAHPS).

HCAHPS is a tool, developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, that collects data which is used for measuring patients' perspectives on hospital care. RCH has implemented HCAHPS as a way to see what patients are saying about their experience and the care they received while at RCH. The survey asks patients to rate their experiences related to communication with hospital staff, the environment, medication, pain control, discharge, their overall rating of care, and whether they would recommend Riverside Community Hospital to their family and friends.

Every day, our organization strives to improve patient satisfaction and provide exceptional quality care to both our patients and their families.

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