Whether it's a sports injury, a fall or another type of pain, an unexpected injury can limit your activities and keep you from feeling like yourself. Fortunately, today's rehabilitation techniques can help you get moving again, more quickly than ever.

You can learn a lot from professional athletes

Have you ever noticed how quickly some athletes get back in the game after an injury? Sure, they're young and strong, but they also adhere to good habits that can help us keep moving, too:

  • Stay in good shape — Being in good condition can prevent injuries, reduce the severity of injuries that do occur, and help you heal faster.
  • Don't ignore injuries — Getting help as early as possible will ensure that injuries don't worsen to the point that extreme treatment is needed.
  • Get help from the pros — When your injury warrants it, working with a physical therapist can help get you back in action more quickly.

Rehabilitation and recovery

After the initial treatment phase, which may include surgery, casting or bracing, rehabilitation can help you regain motion and strength in the injured area.

Your physician or therapist will outline a plan that will take you through a number of steps toward recovery. It may include newer technologies such as equipment that allows you to work the injured area without stressing the joints. At first, you may start with simple range-of-motion exercises and strength training. Once you've built up your strength, you'll exercise your injury with greater intensity. You may walk, hop, lightly jog or throw to regain coordination and agility.

As you continue on to higher levels of exercise, your therapist will monitor your actions until you are better. Stay with it. A complete phase of recovery and rehabilitation not only allows you to get moving again, it also reduces the likelihood of re-injury.

Don't let an injury slow you down

A good rehabilitation program can make a world of difference when it comes to reducing your pain and returning you to the activities you love sooner. 

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Remember RICE for immediate treatment of an injury: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

Source: AAOS.org