Above & Beyond My Expectations

"Not only was she friendly, funny, and helpful, but she listened to me and went above and beyond my expectations!"

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I Now Have My Life Back

Bariatric Patient

"With the help of staff and support group at Riverside Community Hospital's Center for Surgical Weight Loss, I now have my life back."

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Efficient & Caring Service

"I had never been in the hospital before for an unexpected illness and am profoundly impressed at how efficient and caring everyone is at every level of service."

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A Positive Community Experience

"Thank you for making my nervously anticipated expectation a positive community experience."

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There For Me When My Pain Was Rough

"I can say that without a doubt, Sherri Myung is my favorite nurse that has cared for me. Please let her know that it means so much to me for her to be so caring and be there for me when my pain was rough."

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