Riverside, CA, January 30, 2019 --Riverside Community Hospital has received certification from DNV-GL Healthcare as a Comprehensive Stroke Center, reflecting the highest level of competence for treatment of complex and serious stroke events.

According to the American Stroke Association, about 795,000 Americans each year suffer a new or recurrent stroke. That means, on average, a stroke occurs every 40 seconds. Stroke kills more than 137,000 people a year and is one of the leading causes of death. On average, every four minutes someone dies of stroke and is a leading cause of serious, long-term adult disability. Because stroke affects blood flow to the brain, response time and immediate treatment is crucial to limiting the extent of long-term damage.

"This certification is another example of our commitment to the community to provide exceptional care to those presenting with stroke. As a comprehensive stroke center, patients can be confident that they have access to the highest level of competence to treat any type of stroke," says Patrick Brilliant, President and CEO of Riverside Community Hospital. "Our hospital understands the importance of having the best equipment, resources and specially trained medical teams available 24/7/365, combined with the ability to respond quickly and efficiently due to the time-critical nature of these events."

Riverside Community Hospital treats nearly 750 stroke patients a year and this accomplishment demonstrates its ability to provide competence stroke care at any time. To receive certification as a comprehensive stroke center, hospitals must show that they have the infrastructure, imaging capabilities, specially trained neurology specialist and staff ready at all times to treat complex strokes and provide specialized treatment options including medications and neuro-intervention procedures available 24/7.

The hospital and its team underwent a rigorous onsite review and evaluation in December 2018, to ensure they meet and comply with the stroke-related standards and requirements set by DNV-GL Healthcare. This certification from DNV-GL validates the hospital stroke program at the highest level of quality and capability to deliver optimal patient outcomes and safety.

In addition, Riverside Community Hospital recently became the first hospital on the West Coast and second in the nation to receive accreditation by The Joint Commission as a Thrombectomy Capable Stroke Center. This means the hospital met rigorous standards for performing mechanical endovascular thrombectomy (EVT), a specialized surgical procedure used to remove a blood clot from the brain during an ischemic stroke.

The DNV-GL Healthcare Comprehensive Stroke Center Certification is based on standards set forth by the Brain Attack Coalition and the American Stroke Association and affirms that the medical center addresses the full spectrum of stroke care - diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and education - and establishes clear metrics to evaluate outcomes.

"Achieving certification shows commitment to excellence," says Patrick Horine, CEO of DNV-GL Healthcare, "and it helps demonstrate to your community that you are performing at the highest level."

Comprehensive stroke centers are typically the largest and best-equipped hospitals in a given geographical area that can treat any kind of stroke or stroke complication.