Riverside, CA, February 6, 2019 -- On Wednesday, February 6, Melissa and Rob Warcholik presented a Caring Cradle, or "Cradle Cot," to the Family Birthplace at Riverside Community Hospital as a way to honor their son, Ensley, who passed away before birth in December of 2016. A Caring Cradle is a cooling device that can be used to give families the gift of time - time to say goodbye, time to make memories.

The Warcholik family set up a fundraiser in Ensley's honor a few months after he was born. When it was time to decide what to do with the proceeds, Melissa started looking at different organizations around infant loss. After a lot of thoughtful research, they decided to work with the SOBBS Organization (Stories of Babies Born Still.)

SOBBS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment, education and illumination of this tragic reality so many families have experienced. Their main initiative is to provide "caring cradles" in hospitals across America.

"You don't realize it then, but those memories and pictures are so important because once they take your baby away, it's all you have left," said Melissa. "There is nothing worse than hearing 'there is no heartbeat' or having to labor and deliver a child you know will not open his eyes. If we could make any part of this heartbreaking experience easier for bereaved parents, we should."

Riverside Community Hospital hosted a special ceremony this morning to name the cradle with an engraved plate to honor the Warcholik family and little baby Ensley. Melissa and Rob Warcholik attended, with their new 4-month old baby, as well as the hospital's Maternal Newborn leadership staff, Labor & Delivery nurses and RCH Senior Team members.

Photos Provided by Riverside Community Hospital.