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Hospital Heroes

I wanted to give a huge thank you to a nurse named Michelle in the post partum recovery area. After delivering my baby she was such a blessing to me and my little one. Not only was she friendly, funny, and helpful, but she listened to me and went above and beyond my expectations! I am so thankful she was my nurse while I was there. It's been nearly 2 months and I still cannot stop thinking about how thankful I am for her. Thank you Michelle!

Nick Maxfield, who recently accepted the role as the Facilities Equipment Supervisor, was nominated as the 2014 Hospital Hero Award Recipient. Each year, RCH selects a team member from the hospital who has displayed outstanding patient and customer care, provides support to their peers, and goes beyond the call of duty. Nick has been recognized for his service to his peers, his effort to look beyond the status quo in finding solutions to problems, and for always going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the staff has the support and supplies they need to deliver excellent patient care. "Nick provides support to ensure the bedside nurses have the supplies and equipment they need to guarantee the patients receive excellent care and are in a comfortable and safe environment. He takes it upon himself to be at the bedside with the nurses, asking them to share their deepest concerns, and is always willing to find a solution and take on a challenge." said Angela Johnson, Director of MICU /N4-ICU. She described him as thoughtful, reliable and passionate about what he does; a true "go getter."

Nick was invited to attend the 2014 Hospital Heroes Award Ceremony on November 21, hosted by the National Health Foundation in Los Angeles, along with his manager, director and family. Nick truly is a hero among the many heroes here at RCH for his hard work, sincere dedication and commitment to making Riverside Community Hospital the best choice for receiving healthcare.

Before my surgery, I was missing out on life with my husband and son. Now, they can barely keep up with me!

With the help of staff and support group at Riverside Community Hospital’s Center for Surgical Weight Loss, I now have my life back. I now have a life I never dreamed I could have.

- RCH Bariatric Patient

Thanks SO MUCH to the dozens of caregivers who took care of me during my hospital stay at RCH. I had never been in the hospital before for an unexpected illness and am profoundly impressed at how efficient and caring everyone is at every level of service. Doctors, nurses, aides, food service...the list goes on and on. Thanks and blessings to all of you, you make a difference!

- Sincerely, Recent Patient

Today I had a TEE and cardiac catherization performed at your Heart Care Institute. I would like to compliment your facility as well as your staff who we were involved with during our 6:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. appt. We were greeted by Diane, registered for today's procedures, as well as introduced to her registration partner. Your staff members were friendly and efficient. We especially want to compliment the professional attention from Gerry (Geronimo), Jenna, Jessie, as well as Orel. The cardiac catherization transporters as well as attending assistants worked as a team along with Dr. Quan. Thank you for making my nervously anticipated expectation as a positive community spirit.

- Recent Patient

Dear Riverside Community Hospital,

What can I say about this young lady? Sherri has excellent bedside manner, and has a great attitude. On my most painful and emotional days, Sherri always had kind words, and always went the extra mile for me to make sure I was comfortable, or if there was anything I needed. She is always prompt if I rang the nurse’s bell for assistance. She always comes in the room with a big bright smile, even at 3:00am.

I have been in-house for well over a month, and I have been cared for by some really nice nurses. I can say that without a doubt, Sherri Myung is my favorite nurse that has cared for me. Please let her know that it means so much to me for her to be so caring and be there for me when my pain was rough. I really appreciate her excellent professionalism, that smile I am always greeted with, and her fun outlook/attitude that made me feel young at heart!

Sherri will definitely go far in her career and I wish her much success in her career in nursing.

- Recent Patient