Riverside, CA – Jonathan Cedillo came to pick up his fiancé, Vanessa, and newborn from Riverside Community Hospital’s postpartum unit when he suddenly had to lie down. He had a terrible pain in his chest and lost consciousness briefly. Vanessa’s postpartum nurse, Brittney, knew something was wrong; she immediately called for help and went to grab a wheelchair. Brittney knew Jonathan had to get to the ER immediately.

A couple months ago, Jonathan was training, (he’s a professional wrestler,) and had an accident where he fell, landed hard and jammed his shoulder toward his spine. Following, he had a lot of pain in that area. After a visit to the chiropractic, he felt better; but the pain would still come and go, sometimes lingering for days.

On Friday, October 8, his fiancé, Vanessa, went into labor they came to Riverside Community Hospital. Their baby girl was born a month early but healthy; she was named Juliette.

Sunday night, October 10, Jonathan was feeling really bad and achy. He decided to leave the hospital so he could try and get some rest at home and planned to return the next morning for Vanessa and Juliette’s discharge.

At home that night, he could only sleep in 10-15-minute increments, for about 2 hours total, because the pain in his shoulder and arm was so bad. Jonathan got up in the morning and called the chiropractor to make an emergency adjustment as the pain was intolerable. He went in for the adjustment and the orthopedic pain was relieved; but he then felt a pain in his chest that ran up his neck and down his arm.

Jonathan returned to RCH, kissed Vanessa and the baby, and immediately had to lie down in the extra bed in Vanessa’s room. He lost consciousness briefly and Vanessa’s nurse, Brittney, knew something was wrong. As she went to get a wheelchair, she called for help from Patience, another postpartum nurse. While Jonathan was passed out, Vanessa said his breathing was really shallow; and he stopped breathing for a few seconds altogether. When Jonathan woke up, Brittney was back with wheelchair, and Patience took him immediately to the Emergency Room. Jonathan lost consciousness twice on the way to the ER.

After lab work and vitals were taken, a physician informed Jonathan that he had a heart attack. Dr. Qasqas, cardiologist at RCH, ordered an angiogram where they saw his LAD (left anterior descending artery) had a 100% blockage. The team cleared it and put in a stent. Had Jonathan not been at the hospital when his occurred, he would have had permanent heart damage, or worse.

Jonathan woke up the next morning in recovery feeling better than he had in months. He spent just a day and half RCH before he went home to be with Vanessa and Juliette. Juliette was anxious to arrive in the word; maybe she knew she could save daddy’s life by arriving early.