The Vision of RCH Pharmacy Services is to provide a SAFE MEDICATION SYSTEM and to utilize fully the CLINICAL EXPERTISE of the Pharmacy Department; thus providing OPTIMAL DRUG THERAPY for every patient at Riverside Community Hospital.

Riverside Community Hospital provides complete 24-hour inpatient Pharmacy Services. We provide unit-base clinical pharmacy services, with clinical pharmacists assigned to specific patient units. Our department utilizes a cartless unit dose fill system, with ADC (Pyxis) units on each floor. We also have a USP 797 compliant clean room for the sterile preparation on all IV admixtures.

  • 24 hour Pharmacy Services
  • Unit-base clinical pharmacists
  • VigiLanz (state-of-the-art real time clinical monitoring system for pharmacists)
  • Antimicrobial Management Program
  • Cartless ADC fill system
  • USP 797 Compliant Clean Room
  • Bedside Bar Code Medication verification