Neurointerventional Biplane Angiography System

Riverside Community Hospital is the only hospital in western Riverside County to offer the Neurointerventional Biplane System.

Riverside Community Hospital has made giant leaps in advancing treatment capabilities for many different conditions through the implementation of state-of-the art Neurointerventional Biplane Angiography System.  The Neurointerventional Biplane System is operated by world class Neurointerventionalists capable of treating a variety of head, neck, and spine conditions with minimally invasive Neurointerventional Surgical procedures that previously would have required traditional open surgery.   

The Neurointerventional Biplane System uses two mounted rotating cameras to take simultaneous pictures which creates detailed images of the vessels and soft tissue anatomy.  The two sets of images are brought together on a computer screen to form a three dimensional (3-D) portrait of the area your doctor wants to evaluate for treatment.  This detailed imaging allows your physician to map the path of blood flow through the vessels in the neck and head following the injection of a small amount of dye.  This represents a major medical breakthrough that is saving lives. 

We specialize in Neurointerventional Surgery for the treatment of head, neck, and spine conditions without the use of invasive traditional open surgery.  By feeding tiny instruments through a catheter inserted into an artery in your leg, our Neurointerventionalists use highly specialized tools to treat life threatening conditions such as stroke (both ischemic and hemorrhagic), arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), carotid artery blockages, intracranial hemorrhages and many more conditions. 

It is important to note that some conditions still may require traditional surgery but our team will work together to find the solution that best meets your individualized needs.