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ERAS#: 1200500747

NRMP#: 1877120C0

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Welcome letter

Program director welcome

I would like to personally welcome you to the Riverside Community Hospital/UCR School of Medicine Family Medicine Residency Program! We are focused on recruiting those interested in helping us continue to build our successful program. Our curriculum is built around improving the health of the underserved population in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Our experienced academic faculty are actively expanding primary care in our community in partnership with our residents.

Deborah Streletz, MD

GME is a strong and crucial part of the expansion of Riverside Community Hospital and the focus of its future. Our Family Medicine Practice is a Federally Qualified Health Center in partnership with Riverside Community Health Foundation.

At the RCH/UCR SOM Family Medicine Residency, you will thrive in our culture of innovation and resilience. We are invested in training the Family Medicine physician leaders of the future, with community-focused academic faculty in a friendly and supportive environment focused on physician wellness.

Deborah Streletz, MD

Family Medicine Program Director

About our program

A unique program in a unique setting:

  • Community-based program caring for the underserved with UCR Academic Faculty
  • Located approximately 50 miles east of Los Angeles and 50 miles north of Laguna Beach
  • 373-bed full-service community hospital which will expand to 508 beds in the second quarter of 2017
  • Located in a supportive and collegial community setting in beautiful Southern California.

Mission statement

The Riverside Family Medicine Residency program’s mission is to develop the next generation of physicians and physician leaders. As a part of HCA Healthcare, we are driven by a single mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

This program is designed to offer residents a rewarding, educational environment where residents are provided individualized learning opportunities by faculty and staff who support and sustain one another throughout quality care delivery. Our faculty are committed to ensuring the residents' clinical experience and educational needs are fulfilled while expanding residents’ perspectives to be inclusive of cultures, values, and ideals.

List of leadership and faculty

  • Program Director: Deborah Streletz, MD
  • Associate Program Director: Kenneth Ballou, MD
  • Associate Program Director: Hanh The-Trinh Nguyen, MD

Core faculty

  • Faculty, RCH/UCR Family Medicine Residency Program:
  • Ivy Cao, MD
  • Koozad Karimi, DO
  • Jin Seon Kim-Paglingayen, M.D.
  • Aaron Caminos, MD,MPH
  • Iman Fobia, MD

Conference schedule

Clinic Morning Report – Every Monday and Wednesday: Case-based presentations regarding clinic management

Inpatient Morning Report – Every Tuesday and Thursday: Case-based presentations regarding inpatient management

Academic Half Day – Every Wednesday (1-5 PM)

Journal Club – Presented once a month

Morbidity and Mortality Conference – Presented once a month

Curriculum and rotation schedule

RCH/UCR Family Medicine Curriculum


  • FM Inpatient (8 weeks/2 Blocks)
  • Night Float (4 weeks of nights is split into 2 weeks at a time/1 Block)
  • Emergency Medicine (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • ICU (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Newborn Nursery/Outpatient Peds (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Obstetrics (6 weeks/ 1.5 Block)
  • Surgery (4 weeks/1 Block) (2 weeks inpatient, 2 weeks outpatient)
  • Cardiology (4 weeks/1 Block) (2 weeks inpatient, 2 weeks outpatient)
  • Orthopedics (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Community Medicine at RCHF (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Essentials of Family Medicine/Orientation Month (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Outpatient Peds (2 weeks/0.5 Block)


  • FM Inpatient (8 weeks/ 2 Blocks)
  • Emergency Medicine Pediatrics (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Pediatric Inpatient (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Same Day (Walk-in) Clinic (4 weeks/ 1 Block)
  • Outpatient Pediatrics (4 weeks/1Block)
  • Obstetrics (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Outpatient Gynecology (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Behavioral Science (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Night Float (2 weeks) (4 weeks of nights is split into 2 week blocks)
  • Ophthalmology (2 weeks/0.5 Block)
  • Addiction Medicine (2 weeks/0.5 Block)
  • Pain Management (2 weeks/ 0.5 Block)
  • Community Medicine at RCHF (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Family Medicine Practice (2 weeks/0.5 Block)


  • FM Inpatient (8 weeks/2 Blocks)
  • Practice Management (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Emergency Medicine (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Same Day (Walk-in) Clinic (2 weeks/ 0.5 Block)
  • Access Clinic (Disability Clinic) (2 weeks/0.5 Block)
  • Family Medicine Practice (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • ENT/Urology (2 weeks each/ 1 Block)
  • Dermatology (4 weeks /1 Block)
  • Geriatric Medicine (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Sports Medicine (4 weeks/1 Block)
  • Elective (12 weeks/ 3 Blocks)

*Subject to change